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Quality Solutions.

MADE’s clear focus is to mitigate all potential risks while optimising your asset investments.

We guide and support infrastructure buyers, project managers and specifiers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their projects by offering our experience and proven processes to verify that assets are:

  • Ethically sourced
  • Focussed on performance requirements
  • Fit for purpose
  • Disposed of responsibly at end of life
  • Manufactured compliantly


Asset procurement starts with development of a clear and robust business case. It then leads into design, selecting suitable suppliers, providing clear specifications and negotiating contracts to align project management and asset performance goals.

MADE assists you to create a pre-purchase strategy or can help you verify key stages prior to asset purchase. By starting early in the process, we are ideally positioned for complete project oversight so that common pitfalls are avoided and success can be optimised all along the term of engagement.


Once the asset has been purchased, MADE employs a range of verified tools to monitor and measure the supplier’s performance in design, manufacture and delivery.

We deploy our procurement project management teams to measure compliance and make refinements across all key stages. Our goal is to remedy any non-conformance before the asset leaves the supplier’s factory, removing any risk at source.


After the asset has been delivered, MADE can verify the commissioning, manage the defects liability and warranty, measure the maintenance performance and, ultimately, confirm sustainable asset disposal.

We understand the journey asset purchasers travel, so we know where to focus our efforts and your attention.