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MADEPARTNERS’ new website is live!

To celebrate MADEPARTNERS’ tenth anniversary of work in the global infrastructure sector, we’ve just launched our new website.

CEO Paul Belcher says that the brand new look was inspired by time spent with staff, clients and partners to better understand their requirements for information and communication.

“It’s not only a stunning visual statement, content has been developed to better tell the MADE story, to more accurately reflect our current operating environment, and to better describe our service offering and consolidation across Asia and Australasia,” says Paul.

In a practical sense, the site features enhanced accessibility, better feedback options and is more intuitive to navigate.

And a new section called News profiles staff movements, project reports and interesting industry leadership thought pieces.

Paul started the MADEPARTNERS business in 2013. Their goal was to service the complex needs of major infrastructure projects by connecting Australian and international partners, developing a network of credible manufacturer suppliers and employing on-the-ground experts.

“The new website is a testimony to our success,” says Paul.

“We’ve been dedicated and diligent all along the journey, and hope that the site captures what we have achieved.

But, probably more importantly than that, we want to show people just what we are capable of in the future and how work with us can mitigate risk and add tangible value across the entire infrastructure continuum.”

The new site’s address is http://madepartners.com/