Sourcing rail components from China

Sourcing from China raises many challenges

Sourcing or procuring capital goods from China can still save you cost and optimize your supply chain. However, entering the Chinese business world alone can be challenging and full of pitfalls. As a result, the cost-saving objective disappears quickly and you end up full of stress and frustration.  Fighting cultural differences and communication issues are the most common hinders to your sourcing efficiency.

Sourcing rail components and wagons

Sourcing engineering products such as rail components or wagons necessitate expertise and know-how to get compliant, safe and long lasting products. Chinese manufacturers have made tremendous progress to produce high-quality components that fit international standards, but you need to pick the appropriate suppliers with whom you can work hand in hand to get the products you want. This can be possible if you have developed excellent relationship with them by being on-site, in China, and by developing common trust.

MadePartners – Your sourcing ambassador in China

We partner with you and your supplier to deliver your products on budget, on time, and to specification. We help you select the appropriate supplier and inspect the quality of your products. Our strength lies in our sourcing and inspection teams, made of Chinese and Australian talents. They are sent on-site to manage and control the production, and they actively update you on the production’s progress.

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