Quality inspection of rail rolling stock made in China

MADEPARTNERS commits its Quality inspection team at your rail rolling stock manufacturer, in China

Our China on-site team understands international welding, materials and manufacturing standards and has demonstrated ability to resolve non-conformances on the “shop floor” as they occur. Daily and weekly reporting in English will be provided to update you on your project’s progress.


  • Advisory services
  • Procurement services
  • Inspection services
  • Audits
  • Supplier improvement programs
  • Independent certification for rail projects

Our knowledge and extensive experience covers inspection capability to measure performance against standards of:

  • The Association of American Railroads (AAR)
  • The Australian Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB)

Rail products include:

  • Single deck and double deck passenger cars
  • Light rail vehicles
  • Refurbishments
  • Modernisation projects
  • Hopper wagons
  • Iron ore wagons
  • Coal wagons
  • Grain wagons
  • Ballast wagons
  • Intermodal wagons
  • Spare parts

To discuss how we can help, feel free to contact us.

Quality inspection of rail rolling stock