MADEPARTNERS Procurement and Quality Control Process

All our Procurement and Quality Control projects are made to specification.

The specification aligns all parties on the procurement and quality control project requirements. MADEPARTNERS use the specification to develop an agreed Quality Strategy for each project, which includes the tools to measure project performance.

An agreed Quality Strategy is the foundation to the MADEPARTNERS process.

  • 1 /Specify

    A quality specification is a key element for the procurement of engineered product, as it makes sure that the suppliers understand the requirements of the specification. The MADEPARTNERS team can prepare your specification, review it, and spend time with the supplier to highlight critical aspects of the specification.

  • 2 /Measure

    Once the specification has been agreed, it is essential that the performance against the specification be measured. The MADEPARTNERS team works with the client and the supplier to agree how the performance will be measured and then provides regular reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as required to report on performance.

  • 3 /Improve

    The Made team analyses the performance against the specification to identify opportunities to improve the quality, cost and delivery. We then work with the client and the suppliers to explore these opportunities further and then monitor the implementation of those improvement initiatives.

  • 4 /Deliver

    During the delivery phase of the project, the MADEPARTNERS team will monitor the status of the improvement initiatives and make sure they have been completed, and provide evidence of the compliance to the specification. These are provided in both electronic and paper format as required.