Madepartners celebrated its new location in Hong Kong, Central


MadePartners has recently moved to a bigger office in the business district of Central since June 2015. To inaugurate its new headquarters, the Made team hosted a traditional Roasted Pig Cutting Ceremony.

As pig symbolizes good luck and abundance in Hong Kong, it’s an old tradition to offer the gods a roasted suckling pig, served with one steamed chicken, one deep-fried fish and some fruits for digestion. It was the company CEO’s baby, Shaun, who cut open the roasted pig (with some help) to bring luck and fortune to MadePartners. The Eastern ceremony was followed by a Western tradition – chat and drinks, to close this office warming party.

“We are very proud because this is the proof that our business model works and that our clients are happy to work with us.” said Andrew Steadson, Director.

“Our next step is to keep doing what we do and grow our client portfolio. Contrary to what is currently being said, sourcing engineering products in China is still profitable and when you understand how to work with the Chinese, you can get very high-quality products at the end.” added Paul Belcher, CEO.


New Office location

5/F, Harilela House
79 Wyndham Street,
Central, Hong Kong

Contact details (unchanged)
+852 2522 8107